“He Died An Hour Ago, Greg…
3:45 AM, my phone starts ringing. I think it’s my alarm clock at first so I ignore it and go back to sleep. But the ringing doesn’t stop.
One hour later, my phone is still ringing. I’m fed-up. “Who in the world could be calling me at this god forsaken hour of the morning?” I mutter as I pick up my rumbling, ringing cell phone.
“Hello?” I grumble in the fog.
“I have bad news…” says my aunt.
“What?” I reply.
“I haave bad newss.”
“What?” I reply.
“I haavve bad news,” she repeats.
“WHAT?” I snap.
He died. Courtney. He died an hour ago. I’m so sorry. He was working on his flatbed trailer in the middle of the night under a jack. It let go and snapped his neck. Your father.”
It still hasn’t sunk in. I’ve been crying since that phone call.There’s been many panicked phone calls to family members I barely talk to.
But the one thing that keeps on going through my head is that my father is dead and I was going to call him tomorrow, or tomorrow, or tomorrow.
He worked his whole life as a paper maker in the same paper mill that my grandfather, and great grandfather worked in too.
He hated his job but he was always broke because he “owed” so much too the banks, to the credit unions, to the everybody in the world.
He wanted to quit his job. He had the chance to retire early this year. But he turned it down because he was almost done paying off his debts.
He owed over one hundred thousand dollars. He worked his whole life to pay it off. He was maybe a month away before he would have paid it off.
He didn’t take a holiday this year as far as I know.
I was told that he “booked” his holidays at the end of the year so he could retire with more of a pension and leave his job a few weeks early….
But he didn’t know that he didn’t have a month to pay off his debts…
He didn’t know that he would never get those holidays…
Now you might be wondering why I would even bother to send out an email today. (Being that I’m hardly in the right emotional state to keep myself together.)
The reason is that I know that somebody on this list is working at a job they hate, for a pension they might never get, for holidays they will never take.
They will work till the day they die but they will never take the leap…
They will wait till the time is “right” to start a business…
They will never realize that the time is right now…
If that person is you. If you are working at a job you hate so that you can provide for your kids, your spouse, or your debtors then let me hammer a nail in your heart.
Today IS the day that you will change your life forever…
Or today is the day that you have CHOSEN to die…
Tomorrow NEVER ******* comes.

   Courtney Houde    Editor,

Enjoy the weekend


This weekend I am out of town.  I am enjoying spending time with my son-in-law, daughter and their kids.  You should be doing the same, not browsing the internet looking for the “next big thing” (ignore the link on the right side of the page) time with family is more important.  What good is money without the time to enjoy it?  That is why this company is so empowering (the link on the right —> is only for those who want to enjoy life) I have the time to enjoy the fruits of my labor just as you can too.  For example, I am not blogging today, my computer is I typed it yesterday these fancy pieces of silicone will gladly work nonstop so WE can enjoy life! (you know you want to, push the big yellow button on the right) So do what I am doing, then enjoy the weekend at the ballgame!

Working Two Jobs !!


In todays economy 90% of america’s households have to work two jobs

just to make ends meet.  Couple are passing each other comming and going

and single parents have no time for their kids.  What if you could cut you 2nd

job time in  1/2 or even be able to give it up all to gather.  That is where we come in.

We offer the tools and the training along with the support to make you successful

in your on business working from home.  This allows you to work at your own pace

on your time schedule.  It doesn’t matter what time of the night or day you work.

Unlike a job where you are told when you will do your work you have the freedom

to choose the time.

Share Your Knowledge With Others`


“Your life is not just about you. It’s also about contributing to others. It’s about living true to your mission and reason for being here on this earth at this time. It’s about adding your piece of the puzzle to the world. Most people are so stuck in their egos that everything revolves around me, me, and more me. But if you want to be rich in the truest sense of the word, it can’t only be about you. It has to include adding value to others people’s lives.” – T. Harv Eker

Just as others have shared this with me, let me share it with you.  (click the yellow button —>)



In a 2009 USA Today survey, 60 percent of Americans  Polled said they see today’s economic situation as the biggest crisis in their life time.

Their job security is gone, a thing of the past.  The things they thought were their solid assets are not solid any more. Let us show you how to build your own business and have The security you want and deserve.  Dave (once homeless)Will show you how you can have the security you are looking for.   Watch this video for more detail.



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